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Frequently Asked Questions

There is a range of visas an applicant can choose from to migrate to Australia, depending on the applicant's eligibility and financial circumstances. The cost of each visa is different & so are the eligibility criteria, There are direct and indirect cost factors involved in the migration process, some of these costs are fixed while other costs are variable & depends upon the
complexity of your case.
We have highlighted some of these factors below for your understanding.

Some states charge nomination fees & it can vary from state & state. 

The cost of the visa is fixed by the Dept. of Home Affairs (DOHA) of Australia and its cost depends on the type & visa class that you are applying for The visa cost is to be paid to the Australian government and the cost is non-negotiable.

Auswings charges fee for services for offering its professional services. Some of our services include, but are not limited to:

  • Assessing applicant's eligibility for migration
  • Finding most suitable visa category
  • Skill Select - Expression of Interest (EOI)
  • Register of Interest
  • State Nomination Application
  • Lodging the application
  • Monitoring the application (as per service agreement)

Our agency fee is proportional to the complexity of the case. A service agreement will be signed by Auswings & the Visa applicant to determine the scope of work to be undertaken.

Registered Migration have in-depth knowledge of the various visa class & have the ability to source all known option to give their applicants with an optimum chance of having positive outcome. Migration Agents are registered with the office of the Migration Agents Registration Authority (OMARA) and must: 
- Adhere to a strict code of professional conduct in the practice of Australian Migration Law. It is a criminal offence to provide migration advice or assistance in Australia unless you hold current registration with the OMARA. 
- Complete continuing professional development to ensure up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of migration la policy relevant to specific visa subclass. 


1. English Language Test Fees:
Most primary applicants have to undergo an English Language Proficiency Test if you are migrating from a non English speaking country where English is not your first language then you are required to undertake this test. The test is based no how an applicant speaks, writes, listens & reads English. The fee for the tests vary depending on location where the test is undertaken.

2. Skill Assessment Fees:
There are various organisations that assess the skills of the applicant to determine if their skills & qualifications are equivalent of Australian standards. The assessing bodies & fees depends upon what skill occupation the applicant is getting assessed under. i.e. Engineers / Doctors /Accountants etc.

3. Health Check: 
Australia requires every migrant to clear their health check before they migrate to Australia.  There are designated medical centres in most countries, the prices depends on the location where the check is undertaken and all family members are required to undertake the test. 

4. Police Clearance Fee: 
All applicants are required to provide their Police clearance check for every country the applicant has lived & worked for last 12 moths in the last 10 years since turning 16 years of age. 

6. Translation Cost: 
There might be instances where the documents that you have provided is in a foreign language & might need translation to english.

7. Miscellaneous Cost:
Applicants may incur additional expenses such as
courier, notarizing documents, photocopying & scanning etc.

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